p80211_caphdr Struct Reference

#include <p80211conv.h>

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Public Member Functions

UINT32 version __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT32 length __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT64 mactime __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT64 hosttime __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT32 phytype __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT32 channel __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT32 datarate __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT32 antenna __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT32 priority __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT32 ssi_type __attribute__ ((packed))
INT32 ssi_signal __attribute__ ((packed))
INT32 ssi_noise __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT32 preamble __attribute__ ((packed))
UINT32 encoding __attribute__ ((packed))

Data Fields

UINT32 version
UINT32 length
UINT64 mactime
UINT64 hosttime
UINT32 phytype
UINT32 channel
UINT32 datarate
UINT32 antenna
UINT32 priority
UINT32 ssi_type
INT32 ssi_signal
INT32 ssi_noise
UINT32 preamble
UINT32 encoding

Detailed Description

Frame capture header. (See doc/capturefrm.txt) Knowned alse as AVS Format

Definition at line 118 of file p80211conv.h.

Member Function Documentation

UINT32 version p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT32 length p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT64 mactime p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT64 hosttime p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT32 phytype p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT32 channel p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT32 datarate p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT32 antenna p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT32 priority p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT32 ssi_type p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

INT32 ssi_signal p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

INT32 ssi_noise p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT32 preamble p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

UINT32 encoding p80211_caphdr::__attribute__ ( (packed)   ) 

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