File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
airjack.c [code]
airjack.h [code]
analyse.c [code]
analyse.h [code]
atheros.c [code]
atheros.h [code]
cisco.c [code]
cisco.h [code]
conversion.c [code]
conversion.h [code]
cpack.c [code]
cpack.h [code]
crc-32.c [code]
crc-32.h [code]
crt_io.c [code]
crt_io.h [code]
driver.c [code]
driver.h [code]
errmsg.c [code]
errmsg.h [code]
extract.h [code]
functions.c [code]
functions.h [code]
gps.c [code]
gps.ex.c [code]
gpsd.ex.h [code]
hermes.c [code]
hermes.h [code]
hostap.c [code]
hostap.h [code]
include.h [code]
interface.c [code]
interface.h [code]
ipw.c [code]
ipw.h [code]
keyboard.c [code]
keyboard.h [code]
linux_ieee80211_radiotap.h [code]
madwifi-ng.c [code]
madwifi-ng.h [code]
manuf.c [code]
manuf.h [code]
manuf_table.h [code]
p80211conv.h [code]
p80211hdr.h [code]
p80211ioctl.h [code]
p80211meta.h [code]
p80211metadef.h [code]
p80211metamib.h [code]
p80211metamsg.h [code]
p80211metastruct.h [code]
p80211mgmt.h [code]
p80211msg.h [code]
p80211netdev.h [code]
p80211req.h [code]
p80211types.h [code]
pcap_file.c [code]
pcap_file.h [code]
prism54g.c [code]
prism54g.h [code]
scanner.c [code]
scanner.h [code]
tcpdump-stdinc.h [code]
template_hardware.c [code]
template_hardware.h [code]
version.h [code]
wlan-ng.c [code]
wlan-ng.h [code]
wlan_compat.h [code]

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