p80211conv.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  p80211_rxmeta
struct  p80211_frmmeta
struct  p80211_caphdr
struct  p80211_metawep
struct  wlan_ethhdr
struct  wlan_llc
struct  wlan_snap


#define WLAN_ETHADDR_LEN   6
#define WLAN_IEEE_OUI_LEN   3
#define WLAN_ETHCONV_RFC1042   2
#define WLAN_ETHCONV_8021h   3
#define WLAN_MIN_ETHFRM_LEN   60
#define WLAN_MAX_ETHFRM_LEN   1514
#define WLAN_ETHHDR_LEN   14
#define P80211CAPTURE_VERSION   0x80211001
#define P80211_FRMMETA_MAGIC   0x802110
#define P80211SKB_FRMMETA(s)
#define P80211SKB_RXMETA(s)   (P80211SKB_FRMMETA((s)) ? P80211SKB_FRMMETA((s))->rx : ((p80211_rxmeta_t*)(NULL)))


typedef struct p80211_rxmeta p80211_rxmeta_t
typedef struct p80211_frmmeta p80211_frmmeta_t
typedef struct p80211_caphdr p80211_caphdr_t
typedef void(* freebuf_method_t )(void *buf, int size)
typedef struct p80211_metawep p80211_metawep_t
typedef struct wlan_ethhdr wlan_ethhdr_t
typedef struct wlan_llc wlan_llc_t
typedef struct wlan_snap wlan_snap_t


void p80211skb_free (struct wlandevice *wlandev, struct sk_buff *skb)
int p80211skb_rxmeta_attach (struct wlandevice *wlandev, struct sk_buff *skb)
void p80211skb_rxmeta_detach (struct sk_buff *skb)
int skb_p80211_to_ether (struct wlandevice *wlandev, UINT32 ethconv, struct sk_buff *skb)
int skb_ether_to_p80211 (struct wlandevice *wlandev, UINT32 ethconv, struct sk_buff *skb, p80211_hdr_t *p80211_hdr, p80211_metawep_t *p80211_wep)
int p80211_stt_findproto (UINT16 proto)
int p80211_stt_addproto (UINT16 proto)

Define Documentation

#define WLAN_ETHADDR_LEN   6

Definition at line 59 of file p80211conv.h.

#define WLAN_IEEE_OUI_LEN   3

Definition at line 60 of file p80211conv.h.


Definition at line 62 of file p80211conv.h.

#define WLAN_ETHCONV_RFC1042   2

Definition at line 63 of file p80211conv.h.

#define WLAN_ETHCONV_8021h   3

Definition at line 64 of file p80211conv.h.

#define WLAN_MIN_ETHFRM_LEN   60

Definition at line 66 of file p80211conv.h.

#define WLAN_MAX_ETHFRM_LEN   1514

Definition at line 67 of file p80211conv.h.

#define WLAN_ETHHDR_LEN   14

Definition at line 68 of file p80211conv.h.

#define P80211CAPTURE_VERSION   0x80211001

Definition at line 70 of file p80211conv.h.

#define P80211_FRMMETA_MAGIC   0x802110

Definition at line 75 of file p80211conv.h.

#define P80211SKB_FRMMETA (  ) 


(((((p80211_frmmeta_t*)((s)->cb))->magic)==P80211_FRMMETA_MAGIC) ? \
    ((p80211_frmmeta_t*)((s)->cb)) : \

Definition at line 77 of file p80211conv.h.

#define P80211SKB_RXMETA (  )     (P80211SKB_FRMMETA((s)) ? P80211SKB_FRMMETA((s))->rx : ((p80211_rxmeta_t*)(NULL)))

Definition at line 82 of file p80211conv.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* freebuf_method_t)(void *buf, int size)

Definition at line 137 of file p80211conv.h.

typedef struct wlan_ethhdr wlan_ethhdr_t

typedef struct wlan_llc wlan_llc_t

typedef struct wlan_snap wlan_snap_t

Function Documentation

void p80211skb_free ( struct wlandevice wlandev,
struct sk_buff *  skb 

int p80211skb_rxmeta_attach ( struct wlandevice wlandev,
struct sk_buff *  skb 

void p80211skb_rxmeta_detach ( struct sk_buff *  skb  ) 

int skb_p80211_to_ether ( struct wlandevice wlandev,
UINT32  ethconv,
struct sk_buff *  skb 

int skb_ether_to_p80211 ( struct wlandevice wlandev,
UINT32  ethconv,
struct sk_buff *  skb,
p80211_hdr_t p80211_hdr,
p80211_metawep_t p80211_wep 

int p80211_stt_findproto ( UINT16  proto  ) 

int p80211_stt_addproto ( UINT16  proto  ) 

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